Treatment Options

Treatment Options Offered At Stride Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Below is a list of treatment options offered at Stride Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Manual Physical Therapy Techniques
Soft Tissue Massage/Mobilization - utilized to release tight or spasmed muscles.
Joint Mobilization - used to restore the proper movements within joints; to "unlock" joint that may be restricted.
Spinal Mobilization - specific mobilization techniques for the vertebrae of the spine which are used to restore proper motion between spinal segments.
Muscle Energy Techniques - a form of soft tissue mobilization which is a direct and active technique, meaning it engages a restrictive muscular barrier and requires the patient's participation for maximal effect; most commonly used to lengthen muscular tissue.
Myofascial Release - used to treat chronic pain; technique involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue.
Manual Traction - clinician uses their hands to apply traction force on the spine, creating a negative pressure gradient on the intervertebral disc; used to help herniated discs and degenerative disc disease.
Dynamic/Static Stretching - all forms of stretching from PNF to static (hold) stretching to the soft tissue and muscles of the body.
Taping Techniques - utilizing tape to reposition bones or soft tissue putting structures on slack, support a pain free structural position, or to position joints in proper alignment.

Therapeutic Exercise
Designed for the patient's specific condition and musculoskeletal impairments.

Cardiovascular Exercise
Tailored for endurance and cardiovascular adaptation/gains.

Neuromuscular Re-education Exercise
Used to help jump start muscles that have been shut down or inhibited due to a specific condition or post surgical status.

Postural Education Exercise
Focuses on producing optimal postural positioning.

Body Mechanics Education
Proper lifting and athletic technique.

Sports Specific Exercise
Tailored for the patient's specific sport; used to improve the most crucial components of that particular athletic activity.

Plyometric Exercises
Utilized to improve quick, athletic movements and explosion; involves the individual's feet leaving the ground.

Speed Training
Used to improve the individual's top, straight- line speed.

Occupational Specific Exercise
Tailored for the patient's specific occupation; used to improve the most crucial components of that particular work activity.

Gait Analysis/Training
Initiated when a patient is not walking normally; a full assessment of the gait pattern to target the source of the problem. Based on the findings, a specific exercise program will be generated to fix the problem.

Balance/Proprioceptive Training
Specific activities or exercises used to improve the patient's balance; basic drills for elderly patients, as well as advanced dynamic exercises for the elite athlete.

Coordination Training
Used to improve fine motor skills and movements for a specific task.

Class IV Laser - new and innovative treatment used to reduced inflammation and pain while stimulating healing.
Ultrasound - sound waves are absorbed by the tissues of the body resulting in increased in blood flow, reducing swelling, as well as breaking up of scar tissue.
Electrical Stimulation - includes many different types and parameters of electrical stimulation treatments; usage varies from reducing pain to reeducating muscle.
Iontophoresis - uses electric current to transmit medication, specifically anti-inflammatory medication, into the body.
Spinal Decompression Therapy - the result of negative pressure created within the intervertebral disc during therapeutic traction treatment. This negative pressure is used to treat herniated or bulging discs. At Stride Physical Therapy, we utilize the Triton traction unit, which by its advanced technology, is years ahead of any decompression unit on the rehab market today.
Phonophoresis - utilizing ultrasound to deliver anti-inflammatory medication.
Moist Heat - used to increase blood flow to a given area and make muscle and soft tissue more pliable for further treatment.
Cryotherapy - utilizes cold to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation and joint edema/swelling.

Maintenance Program
Programs designed for the post rehab patient to maintain results obtained while in physical therapy.

Home Exercise Program Design
Every patient given specific home exercises that can help them be pro-active with their road to recovery, as well as maximizing their therapy results.